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Center for Arts & Ecology


The Center for Arts and Ecology at the Desert of Maine is a nonprofit that operates onsite at the iconic Freeport attraction. The “desert” has long stood as a visual reminder of the power of nature, made visible by the communities of plants that are actively restoring the land after the intense ecological disturbance of historic overfarming. Through immersive arts and ecology programming, our mission is to inspire people to channel the wonder they feel in the presence of nature and the creative process into meaningful action for future generations.



The unique landscape at the Desert of Maine is a living, breathing classroom and an endless source of creative inspiration. We host school field trips, homeschool and afterschool programs, and arts and ecology workshops for both children and adults.



Since our founding in 2021, The CAE has held dozens of concerts and theater performances. We've partnered with some of the most esteemed local cultural organizations and we're just getting started!


Support Us

We recently received our 501(c)(3) status with an EIN number of 86-3917461.
Consider making a tax deductible donation today. You'll be helping to support local artists and arts organizations as well as protecting a rare and wonderful local ecological habitat.

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