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Group Visits

A docent-led visit to Desert of Maine will give your group a window into the history, geology, and ecology of this unique destination. Your group will learn about human influence on the land, starting with the Tuttle Farmhouse, followed by an age-appropriate introduction to the Ecology Walk. We will then help facilitate the rest of your visit, whether your groups wants to spend time at the Shady Grove Filling Station exhibit, the Fossil Dig, Spring House, Gemstone Village or coordinate with the business to play a round of mini golf.

Fill out one of the forms below and we'll reach out to schedule your trip—or contact us at for more information!

Field Trips for Camps and Schools

Your group will have a "home-base" to leave your stuff and eat lunch. Our approach is hands on, immersive and student-directed. We encourage kids to get their hands dirty (quite literally!) as they investigate questions like, what is soil and why is it so important? What are the different plant communities that have lived on this land over time and how have human choices and activities influenced the environment? 

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Field Trip Form

Home School Group Experiences

Home School Groups

Adult and Mixed Age Group Visits

Whether you are new to ecology or have an in-depth knowledge of the ecosystems that populate the Desert, we have something for you. Our teachers and guides are ecologists and artists who are passionate about the lessons and stories of this land.

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Adults and Mixed Age
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